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Insurance Company Australia

With more than 70 years of experience as an insurance company and as asset and commercial finance specialists in NSW Australia, we have developed trust and respect from our clients. We are one of the most trusted insurance company contractors in NSW, with a keen passion in providing our clients with the best service there is.
We have the experience, the right policy, and credentials to make sure that you and your business are protected.

Our Insurance Policies


Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

Commercial motor and fleet insurance protects and covers all your business vehicles.

This type of insurance covers and protects all your business vehicles under one policy, saving you the time and effort of ensuring each of your business vehicles individually.


Plant & Equipment Insurance

Plant and equipment insurance provides cover for all your construction equipment.

Plant and equipment insurance is important for business owners that own several equipment, ensuring that their equipment is protected from theft, damage or breakdown.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance ensures that your business is protected when there are unexpected interruptions, such as fires or natural disasters.

In the event that your business halts its operations because of property damage or any unfortunate event, a business interruption insurance helps your business to recover and rebuild.


Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public and products liability insurance protects your company from legal liabilities caused by your products or business operations to third parties.

Public liability insurance can protect your business from financial risks relating to injury or property damage to third parties, including clients, customers or the general public; whereas product liability insurance relates to any injury or damage caused by your products.


Cyber and Data Protection Insurance

Cyber and data protection insurance helps in protecting you and your company from all online attacks on your business.

Cyber and data protection insurance is often overlooked in companies. With an increasing number of Australians switching to a work-from-home setup, it is important to safeguard the business from all cyber attacks.


Marine Transit Insurance

Marine transit insurance offers insurance and typically covers the safe transport of all types of goods and any damage to property, including ships, cargo, ports and infrastructure.

Insuring your goods against transit damage is important to lessen the financial risks it may pose. This not only protects your goods but also secures the efforts and sweat in manufacturing and preparing each product.

As experts in the industry, we provide services that are second to none.

Here at Amfin, you are not only insured but also assured. Assured of top-notch services, assured of highly skilled team members, assured of everything you need.

Asset and Commercial Finance Specialists

Here at Amfin, we also pride ourselves as asset and commercial finance specialists that have been working side by side with businesses and providing them with the necessary funding to cement their legacies. We make sure that your business has enough cash flow to finish and perform all your projects.
We have the resources, the people and the capacity to provide you with all your needs.

Our Finance Services


Asset and Commercial Finance

We fund almost all industries and products, providing an assurance that you can leave a mark in your field.

If you want to establish your legacy and mark on your own respective field, we at Amfin are asset and commercial finance specialists that are always ready to provide our clients services that are second to none.


Equipment Line Finance

Equipment line finance works by providing the client with the opportunity to obtain machinery, vehicles or other equipment, avoiding the need to invest in capital and allowing the business to operate.

Equipment line financing allows you to make smaller payments rather than a large single one. Equipment financing positively affects your business, with an accelerated return of investment, resulting in faster business and revenue growth.


Property Finance

Amfin works with small- to medium-sized enterprises and offers them with residential and commercial financing services to suit their business needs.

If you want to realise the value of your property assets, then work with Amfin and we will show you how. We have the experience and a dedicated set of team members that are always willing to help.

We perform all our services professionally.

We have the experience and trust from our current and previous clients. And we make sure to deliver what we promise.

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